Neverland Balloons exists to encourage people to unlock their imaginations, and let them run wild. 
Here, in Neverland, imagination becomes reality.

We are highly skilled entertainers that have performed all over the world. We have extensive acting experience that makes us some of the most engaging and entertaining artists available. Our artists can make absolutely anything that you can think of.  No request is too small or too big.  We always enjoy a challenge.  We strive to be the best, and are constantly improving.  So, even if you have seen us in action before, the next time you see us, we will be even more impressive.  We are also fully insured and all of our artists are licensed and certified teachers, and have passed government level background checks. But, most importantly of all, we love what we do and have a passion that is contagious. We will breathe life into any event. We do this for one reason; to make the world a better place, one smile at a time. Hire us today so that we can bring a smile to your face and to the faces of all your friends and family.  Don’t take chances when it comes to your next special event.  You and your guests deserve the best.  Call Neverland Balloons today.




Joshua has been a professional balloon artist for over 25 years.  He has trained extensively in all areas of the performing arts including acting, singing, dancing, musical theatre, stage combat, balloon art, clowning, magic, and Special Effects Makeup. On top of his incredible balloon making and entertaining skills, Joshua is a certified teacher and has a bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry with over a decade of teaching experience.  He has also taken courses in child counseling and youth psychology, as well as graduate classes in Elementary Education.  This makes him much better at dealing with children than most in the business.  Joshua has worked at theme parks, on cruise ships, and was also the host of a weekly children’s television show.  He is entirely self-taught, and can make anything that you can imagine out of balloons.  Go ahead; try to stump him.  He’s made life size motorcycles, wedding dresses, prom dresses, celebrities, historical figures, cartoon characters, mythical creatures, and even self-portraits of people.  He has made it his goal to make a brand new balloon creation every single day.  Joshua has wowed numerous celebrities over the years, and he is guaranteed to wow you too.


Amanda is a certified teacher with a masters degree in Education.  She has been an artist her entire life, but has recently switched from canvases to faces.  She is great with Children.  She loves what she does, and is not afraid to try new things.  She is not limited to just a small list of pre-determined designs.  Amanda can paint anything that she is asked to paint, even if it is something that she has never painted before.  She uses only the best quality face paints that are hypo-allergenic and non-staining.  She is one of the most joyful people that you will ever meet.  She pours her heart into everything that she does.  The only thing greater than her artistic ability, is her compassion for others.  Both you and your guests will be absolutely amazed by her.